My new Nook

Howdy, friends.

So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep my Mother’s Day gift from Philip, but last night I decided to go for it. He got me a Nook.

Can I handle the technology?

It was an incredibly thoughtful gift. Philip knows how much I love to read. And he knows he is going to have to help me with this thing nonstop, so it probably will be a pretty annoying gift, to him. I really have mixed feelings on the whole e-reader thing.

First of all, I never buy books. Ever. I just use the library. Our library has an awesome selection, and through interlibrary loan, I can get whatever I want, anyway. I do all of my library-ing online, reserving books, renewing them and everything, and only venture in to pick them up or drop them off (late).

I’m glad Philip chose the Nook, which works with library books (Kindle will later this year). And the library site was super helpful explaining how to get a book. I successfully got the most recent Yann Martel book downloaded last night. (Here is an L.A. Times review.) And I placed a hold on another book.

I still haven’t read on it yet. I need to finish my overdue paper book first (Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay). Of course, library books on the Nook are only good for 14 days. So I better pay attention to deadlines, or they are going to just disappear mid-sentence for me.

I consulted my friend Lori, an avid reader and Nook owner, about whether I should keep it. Here is what she said:

The only time reading it ever hurt my eyes was on Friday when (my daughter)
was having a sleepover and I stayed on the couch for hours reading
Tina Fey’s book from start to finish. So if you have a marathon
reading session, it might bug you a little bit, but really no more
than a marathon reading session bugs your eyes regularly. The
benefits include being able to read at night without an extra light
(you can even adjust the brightness) and being able to read upside-
down, on your side, over a bowl of cereal, etc. without having to
prop the book. Newspapers download beautifully.

That sold me … but then I read this, in her cons section:

Okay, seriously, it’s a book you have to plug in. So, during my
aforementioned marathon reading session, around midnight the screen
went blank and all I could see was my face reflected in the screen,
which is not pleasant when you are not fully prepared to see what you
look like at midnight.”

I am pretty sure I am not prepared for the sight of myself haggard and reading at midnight, let’s just get that out there. But I decided to keep it anyway. We’ll see.

I surfed the Barnes and Noble free books section today. And here are some of the gems I can get off there:

Some nookie for my Nook. I think I might want the color Nook for porn. Kidding. I would not download this. I'm not into princess stories.

Or this high-quality Nook reading:

I can answer all your chemistry questions!

Thanks, Barnes and Noble, for these handy choices! There also was a lot of crap romance on there. This is what I worry about — I will suddenly start reading shitty books because I don’t want to pay for them. So I’m stuck with the random, limited selection of library books out there, or else Harlequin romances free off Barnes and Noble.

It was a very kind gift from Philip, who, let it be known, is a pretty awesome gift-giver in general. Our first Christmas together, he gave me a new can opener. That might sound insulting, but it was awesome. I fucking hated my old one, and bitched every time I had to use it. He was listening. He actually replaced it with a better one a few years later. That’s love, baby. In contrast, I suck at gift-giving. I once gave him a pair of sweatpants for his birthday. A gift he likes to remind me of. Often. What? They looked cozy. I’ve tried to make up for it over the years, but I don’t know that I can live down cheap sweatpants. That I didn’t even wrap.

This is a running blog, so I’ll return to that subject soon.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to My new Nook

  1. jeri says:

    I was super against e-readers until I got my nook. I think it comes in the most handy when I’m going on trips. I usually bring 3 hardcover books with me, which takes up my whole carry on, and that’s just annoying. I think I still prefer to read an actual book, but I usually put both the ebook and book-book on hold….helps speed up the hold process to have both options! And each Friday B&N sends out an email with their free book of the week. Some have been GOOD! YAY. 🙂

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