Reading Mary Roach

Howdy, friends.

I just finished the latest by author Mary Roach.

She is so awesome. I wish I had thought of her book topics first, and were as funny as she is. My favorite part of her books are the footnotes. They are just goofy. And I always learn a ton from her books. My favorite part of “Packing for Mars” was all the studies in motion sickness, and the weird psychological tests they put astronauts through. And how if you are someone who habitually taps your foot, you probably can’t go to space because you are too freakin’ annoying. High-five, Mary. I hate that crap.

My favorite, though, was her first book.

You wouldn’t think a book about cadaver research would be fabulous, but it is.

In other book news, there is talk to make a movie out of the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. Story here. Seriously. Will it suck as much as that book? I hated that thing. It was like scare-tactics for preggos. It told me to eat mango every day and not run more than a mile or all hell would break loose for my fetus. Thanks, crap book.

Clearly it’s not true, because many miles later I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday with my two babies.

Happy running.

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