Little monkey

Howdy, friends.

I knew this day would come. But there was no way I was really ready.

Jack is 2 years, 7 months old. He was so far behind in all his little skills for so long, I just kind of got used to it. It took him forever to roll from his tummy to his back, then even longer (waaaaay longer) to go the other way. He didn’t crawl until he was a year old, and walked around 16 months. The kid was a slug.

He’s more than made up for it. He’s totally exploded in the past year, though it seemed gradual. One day he could crawl up the stairs, then he could walk up them, alternating legs like a big boy.

And even though he’s now running everywhere he goes, jumping with both feet off the ground, spinning in circles and climbing all kinds of stuff, I still had one safe place for him: His crib.

Not anymore.

I put him in his bed if I need to take a shower (if I don’t get one in before the kiddos wake up), or for whatever random reason I need him to NOT be running around for a few minutes. And, of course, to sleep.

This weekend, I took a quick shower. Genevieve was in her bed (or her swing, more likely) and Jack was in his crib. I got out and heard a commotion, and I looked into his room. He was sitting on the top rail of his crib, like he was riding a goddamn horse, saying, “Hi! Hi mommy! Hi!”

Hi buddy, now get back in bed. I didn’t even mention that he could climb out, hoping he wouldn’t get it. Though I knew he would. He has been pushing an ottoman over to the baby’s crib and climbing in there. I mean, he’s pretty agile for someone who was basically a lump for a year.

So, today Philip is home with both kids. He sent me this video.

Jack can now climb out of his crib. Dear god. Is it wrong that I am already dreading bedtime? He is a good boy, SUCH a good boy, but I know he will be a wild man if he can get in and out of his bed at night. Friends tell me their kids could climb out, but didn’t at bedtime. Others moved right to a toddler bed. Some with no problem, some putting their kids back in bed 200 times a night at first.

My god. I am already sleep-deprived with Genevieve, the queen of acid reflux, who will only sleep in her swing. COME ON, baby! Trying to nurse her to sleep, while corralling a toddler, and then getting her to stay asleep long enough to read Jack some stories, then getting him to bed before she wakes up mad that she wasn’t loved enough before she was put to bed, then rocking her a little and, honestly, boobing her down AGAIN, well, Jesus, if I have to add in a free-range toddler, I might lose it.

Just the thought of it today made me eat jelly beans, despite my good Lent intentions (I suck!). Also, like how I blamed that one on my kids, not my weak will? Ha!

So, I don’t know. I don’t know if we will try to switch him to a big boy bed or what. I definitely need a side rail if we do that. And a big, big bottle of wine.

Happy running.


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2 Responses to Little monkey

  1. Laurel says:

    OMG, I ate half a bag of Brach’s jellybeans today. We are more alike than I thought.

    Is it still considered “bad parenting” to tie them to the bed at night?

  2. Daniel was like Jack, didn’t crawl until 1 year, then walked around 15 months…but yep…climbed out of his crib 1 month after his 2nd birthday. I was scared of the big boy bed…thinking it would be a battle, but it actually wasn’t. Not one single problem. So you might have success.

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