Howdy, friends.

It’s a big family week in our house. My sister Kim, who is seven years older than me, came to visit last week. It was the first time she met Genevieve, and she hadn’t seen Jack in a year. We were so excited to have her.

Jack especially loved the doctor kit she got him:

It's tough to see in your own ear, buddy.

And of course the baby loved hanging out with her Aunt Kim.

Dear Aunt Kim, why are you making me wear these??

Kim has a way of making me feel like I am doing just fine with both kids. When she came to see Jack after he was born, she helped me with all my breastfeeding questions and sleep questions. This time, she helped me remember to just relax, and everything would be OK if the baby had to cry while I help the toddler, or the toddler has to cry while I help the baby.

At one point, I waited in the car with both kids while she ran in to get us coffee (soy lattes are not as gross as I thought they would be!). As I waited, the baby was losing it, Jack was losing it (we were on our way to a parade) and I was starting to lose it. I was leaning into the back seat, trying to give Genevieve a pacifier (which she hates) and trying to talk Jack down from toddler lunacy. I look up and there’s Kim, standing at the car window with two coffees. She was cracking up, and that was enough to make me laugh, too. And just relax a little. I’m sure she was standing there thinking, sweet jesus am I glad my kids are older! Hoooo boy, two little ones so close together is enough to make me want a shot of something stronger in my coffee. Or my arm. Or something.

Kim and me

So, thanks, Kim, for coming to visit. And for being part of what was basically the best toddler day EVER: A parade in the morning, a stop at the bakery for a sugar cookie and then a trip to Culver’s for dinner — that’s right, french fries and chicken fingers. Maybe not my finest healthy parenting moment, but whatever. Kim asked what I wanted to do, and I thought, god, get out of the f-ing house. ANYWHERE.

Kim was game, and wasn’t horrified I basically took her out for fast food for dinner when she was my guest. And made her give the baby her bath every night. And let my toddler wake her up by throwing a metal basket down our wooden stairs at 6 a.m. And wasn’t (too) horrified when the baby pooped all over herself and I hadn’t packed extra clothes, so basically had to carry her around a restaurant in her diaper and shirt, like a white trash mom. She was definitely a good sport.

Next week, Pam is coming. She’s 11 years older than me and my best friend. Here we are 2 years ago:


And just a picture of Jack, because he is so cute lately.

Thanks for finally getting a decent photo, Mom.

As for running, planning on 12-14 tomorrow, did about 7 today. Still undecided on a spring marathon. Let’s face it, I don’t need to run a piss poor marathon to prove anything. I’ve done that. So if I am not feeling like I can give it my all this spring, I’ll do the half and save it all for Twin Cities in October.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Sisters

  1. Danni says:

    You guys are all so pretty!

  2. Laurel says:

    I always forget Pam is 11 years older. She never ages. Neither does Kim. It seems just liked yesterday Kim was necking with her boyfriend in your old driveway… I miss your family.

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