14 miles, and some baby photos

Howdy, friends.

I had a pretty good long run this week. The best parts? Running with friends — I am so, so grateful to the running community here. You can always find someone who is your speed to go with, who will go at the crack of dawn, and who doesn’t mind winter running.

Christine, Kristen, Erica and Patrick are just those kinds of people. Patrick is new to our little crew, but those women (and often Kari and Brenda) … well, I can always rely on them to show up, when it’s bitter cold, when it’s icy, when it’s still dark out on a weekend morning. That means so much, and makes it a lot easier to get out there and get the run in.

We did 14 stupidly hilly miles. It was an awesome run, and I felt pretty good on it. I hit 31 miles this week, down a bit from last week. But that’s OK. I am trying hard to be conservative and not run every day. I took 2 days completely off this week, and did a double one day (run + weights). I’m really digging taking Sundays off. I almost never do that, because it’s a good chance to get in another mid-distance run without work getting in the way.

But today, instead, Philip and I got up, got the kids up and all went out to breakfast at the local diner. We rarely do that, and we really should more often. It was a ton of fun, and Jack was SO well-behaved. My gosh, he was like a dream toddler. He also ate a ton — two huge pieces of French toast, bacon, orange juice. Yum. The baby slept through the first half of breakfast, and then does what all babies do — woke up and demanded to eat as soon as my food arrived. That’s OK.

I was glad I had brought my Udder Covers nursing cover that a friend let me borrow. It’s awesome! It’s way better than the last one I had, with Jack, and pretty much covers everything. You just see little baby feet sticking out, which is cute anyway.

Anyway, it was really fun to be out, to be our little family doing things families do, instead of rushing around running errands or taking turns doing things while the other one takes the kids. It feels good to slow down a little on Sunday, and just see where the day takes us. Of course, as marathon season gets going, not sure I’ll be able to keep doing that — especially for Twin Cities. But for my lazy-man’s-approach to Brookings? It’s working out great.

Plus, because I know you want them, here are some photos of the baby, working on her tummy time. She is turning herself over like crazy.

My ears are crooked.

Can I just lay here?


Happy running.

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