Yo Gabba Pervert!

Howdy, friends.

We used to be a TV-free toddler house. Philip and I, who were both raised by cable television, absentee parents and fast food, were adamant that Jack wouldn’t watch any television until he was at least 2, and then hopefully not even then.

We did pretty good — he did see some Sesame Street when he was about a year and a half and had pneumonia.

But when I started having problems with my pregnancy with Genevieve, I needed to keep him busy a little, so I wouldn’t chase him around as much. That’s when we started letting him watch a few Elmo skits on the computer — especially the one where Elmo and Abby make a dolly out of a pumpkin and the one where Adam Sandler sings a song to Elmo. They were each about 2-3 minutes long, and kept Jack occupied for a few minutes.

Then, once the baby arrived, sometimes I needed him to sit still in his high chair while I nursed her, or pumped or got her in her carseat (instead of tearing around the house and unpacking my lunch and gym bag while we try to get out the door). That’s when I decided to give Yo Gabba Gabba a try … .

It started with a 5-minute skit about babies, and how “babies are AWESOME!” I still love that skit. But now we’ve stumbled into one called “Fairytale” that Jack LOVES. It’s so disturbing. He calls it “Magic Beans? See Magic Beans?”

Sure, buddy. Magic beans with Muno, the french tickler.

Hmmm ... what's knobby and has one eye? That's what I THOUGHT, sicko.

Muno is so weird. It’s even weirder to see him (?) dressed in this swashbuckler outfit and singing about how he really thought he bought magic beans. Yet Jack loves it. I admit, I find the music on Yo Gabba Gabba to be kind of good. But seriously, Muno, you are creepy.

We still only let Jack watch about 10 minutes a day, usually in his high chair while I get the baby ready, or sometimes after dinner while, again, I tend to the baby. It’s not horrible, and I’m trying not to feel too guilty about it. I mean, after all, I watched a ridiculous amount of TV growing up — and I have three older sisters, so my TV was “General Hospital,” and the time my friend Laurie and I watched “Salem’s Lot” and scared ourselves shitless.

That’s gotta be worse than letting Jack watch a singing sex toy, right?

And so we don’t forget Miss Viv, here’s a little photo:

Dear mom, please use a real camera and not your phone, so perhaps I will have ONE photo in focus from my babyhood.

Happy running. And remember, babies are AWESOME!


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One Response to Yo Gabba Pervert!

  1. Katie says:

    We’re not big into TV either. Kaylee hasn’t seen any real TV shows, but we introduced her to a number of Pixar/Disney movies starting a couple months before she turned three (so she does get what I call screen time). When the baby was first born, we were letting her watch a movie a day, which I hated. I was just so tired though, and she doesn’t nap. Now we’re on a 2-3 days a week she can watch a movie, so she gets 3 – 5 hours of screen time a week. I’m sure once the snow melts we won’t even do that. She much prefers to be outside playing. Another option are some of the kids games on the PBS website: http://pbskids.org/curiousgeorge/games/#1. Every once in a while, I let Kaylee play some of the Curious George games. We only play for 10 – 20 minutes every few weeks, but I think they might actually be a reasonable introduction to using a mouse on a computer.

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