Sledding, running, napping

Howdy, friends.

The title here pretty much sums up my weekend. It warmed up enough that I was able to bundle Jack up and take him out in his sled through the neighborhood. He loves it, mostly. Right up until we walked past the playground. Then all toddler hell broke loose.

Jack really wanted to get out and play, so I let him … but the snow comes up to his waist, at least, near the playground, so he couldn’t get to the toys. That’s pretty heartbreaking when you’re 2. I tried to help him and put him on the slide, but he wanted the bigger slide, which was impossible to get to. After about 10 minutes of “playing,” which was mostly him begging for the big slide and me cramming him on the little slide, I decided it was time to move on.

Commence toddler tantrum. Our sled is the kind with a little back on it, so Jack can sit up. Well, he arched himself so only his head was on the backrest and his legs were straight out, screaming. I just kept pulling him along, laughing with my neighbor Vickie (what else can you do?). Then he flipped himself over, dragging  his hands in the snow, yelling, “Park! Park! Play at the park! Paaaaaaaaaaaaaark!!!” Dear god. I admit that I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Seriously, kid, SO dramatic.

It only lasted a few minutes, thank goodness. Just enough for a few neighbors to see. Quality parenting, right here, friends!

Still, he had a good time, and it was so nice to get outside. I get stir-crazy in the winter, and I’m sure he does, too.

Jack and I, from a different day sledding, but we looked the same this weekend.

I also was able to get out for a few runs. I ran about 8.5 miles on Saturday morning and 6 on Sunday afternoon. Both outside, both with friends. It was beautiful out, though slushy on Sunday. But man, I’ll take a slow slog through slush over a treadmill run any day.

That gave me 31 miles for the week, which is right where I want to be for February. I also started keeping a log again. I need to be careful to not get nutty about it and obsess over pace or mileage. Just plug away and get back in shape. I hadn’t logged a run since July 2010. I had run since then, but in the interest of NOT obsessing, I decided to not write any of it down. I guess opening my log again means I am feeling healthy enough to get serious again. At least serious about base-building. And, you know, a possible spring marathon and a fall one for sure.

So, that’s where we are. Genevieve had to do more tummy time this weekend, and she rolled over a few more times. She just does it randomly, but it’s nice to know she’s strong enough to do it. My big girl. She also slept in her crib this weekend for the first time. Both nights were a little rough — I’m not sure if she was just a crab or if she doesn’t like her crib. I guess we’ll see. It was bittersweet to not have her in our room. On one hand, I miss having her right there, and the convenience of just pulling her over to nurse in the middle of the night. On the other hand, it’s nice to not worry about waking her up, and I can read with a real light at night instead of a little crappy book lamp.

Here she is, playing on our bed while I fold laundry.

What the heck kind of face is this, kid? She's a goofball.

And lastly, here is Jack, who insisted on carrying the baby carrier around this weekend after watching me carry Genevieve in it. He likes to pull his baby out by her head. He didn’t learn that from me, I promise.

Am I wearing this thing right??

Happy running.

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