Baby Zoolander

Howdy,  friends.

I can’t believe Genevieve is 3 months old already. Where has the time gone? I feel like Philip and I were just heading to the hospital to be induced, wondering if we would have a son or a daughter.

And I can’t believe I ever bitched about taking care of one kid — two is way harder. (Don’t believe that, Laurie, I’m livin’ the dream!) No really, it is a bit more complicated, but also just that much more fun.

Jack is a great big brother — when he isn’t poking the baby or almost sitting on her. And Viv is a mellow girl. She’s just so easygoing. Unless she is in her carseat. Then she screams like she’s being tortured. And Jack tells me, “The baby’s crying.” Yeah, buddy, I can hear her. Everyone can hear her. Even with the windows up.

So, today we had to take Genevieve in to get her head examined. No, really. She has a big old flat spot on the back and our pediatrician recommended we get it looked at. So, I met with a physical therapist about it (we’ll get a formal head scan next week to determine if she needs a baby helmet. I admit I feel weird about that.). The therapist said we just need to work to get her to turn her head to the right — she only likes to look left, stinker!

We got a few tips for different ways to hold her, different ways to do tummy time and help her strengthen her little neck. (OK, her long neck, which the therapist commented on … poor girl. Philip and I both have big long geek necks … I feel bad for her, and I don’t care how many times my dad told me it was like having a model’s neck … um, a dorky model, maybe. And then there was one of many unfortunate haircuts I had in high school that basically made my head look like … well,never mind. But it was bad.)

Where was I?  Oh that’s right, my daughter’s jacked up head. Anyway. The flat spot is bad enough that it is pushing one eye and one ear kind of forward … making her a bit crooked. So, looks like we will rededicate ourselves to tummy time and looking to the right. I’m a little less freaked out about this than I thought I would be. Maybe because we went through some physical and occupational therapy with Jack? I was blindsided then, and I was a bit about Viv’s head, but I feel better after talking to the physical therapist today.

So, lots of work ahead for you, baby!

Poor girl. I still think she’s pretty cute, though.

I won't be looking to the left all the time, mama! Please, no helmet!

Happy running!

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